Book Review: The World is Wrong

The World is Wrong

by Steve Simpson


Power Publishing

Pub Date 21 Apr 2017

I am reviewing a copy of The World is Wrong through the Power Publishing and Netgalley:

Kerri’s father is always putting her down.

Steve continues to have bad dreams, and his friends are getting into stupid arguments.

Strange dreams, Aliens, abuse, hate.  Five Children may fight to find their way in a world in which they face abuse.

I give The World is Wrong five out of five stars!

Happy Reading! 

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Book Review: Who Am I

Who Am I?

by Steve Simpson

Power Publishing
Self-Help , Teens & YA

Pub Date 21 Apr 2017 

I am reviewing a copy of Who Am I Through Power Publishing and Netgalley:

Theresa and her Mother endure physical and emotional abuse.

Eleven years later Theresa is in a foster home.

Steve has been remembering stuff from his childhood but they seem to be more like fantasies than real members.

I give Who Am I five out of five stars.

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Book Review: Child’s Island

Child’s Island

by Steve Simpson

Power Publishing
Self-Help , Teens & YA

Pub Date 21 Apr 2017 

I am reviewing a copy of Child’s Island through Power Publishing and Netgalley:

Mike is trying to take over Kid Power, he already has Judy held hostage.  Steve is trying to stop him.

After a battle Steve lays unconscious in a hospital room.  A large bandage wrapped around his stomach and back.

Will they be able to make it safely to Child’s Island?  

Find out in Child’s Island!

Five out of five stars!

Happy Reading! 

Book Review: Mischka’s War

Mischka’s War

A European Odyssey of the 1940s
by Sheila Fitzpatrick

Melbourne University Publishing

Melbourne University Press
Biographies & Memoirs , History

Pub Date 03 Jul 2017 

I am reviewing a copy of Mischka’s War through Melbourne University Press and Netgalley:

Misha was born in Riga, Latvia in 1922.  In 1940 Mischka had just finished school and started his first job at Riga’s State Electrotechnical Factory.

Olga and Arpad Danos were married around 1920.  Arpad sound success with a singing career until he lost his voice, then he lost both his singing career and his wealth.  But in 1926 the family still had their wealth and was able for the family to spend a year in Italy.

On June.22.1941 Operation Barbosa was launched against the Soviet’s.

Mary and Olga were pure ethnic Latvians, but they did not agree with the Nazi’s persecution and acted accordingly.  Mary hid Jews in her apartment and was arrested on March.18.1943.

All three of the Danos brothers were of call up age but none of them wanted to serve in the German army.  Jan was the first one to get into real trouble he was called up in January 1943 and went into hiding for six months but was caught and imprisoned for six months.  In February of 1944 he was released from prison and taken to the hospital where he was treated for Pleurisy.

Misha came before the mobilization commission on December.09.1943 he was temporararily excused   At the end of April 1944 Misha set off to study in Germany.  

Mischka married Helga in 1949.

I give Mischka’s War five out of five stars!

Happy Reading! 

Book Review:Illuminating Women in the Medieval World

Illuminating Women in the Medieval World

by Christine Sciacca

Getty Publications

J. Paul Getty Museum
Arts & Photography , History

Pub Date 20 Jun 2017 

I am reviewing a copy of Illuminating Women in the Medieval World through Getty Publications Netgalley:

Almost nine hundred years ago in Medieval France Abelard and Heloise d’ Argentueil became lovers engaged in an ill fated affair.

Although Women formed an integral part of the Medieval World records of their achievements are few.

At the age of twelve Hedwig of Selsia married the future Duke Henry of Selsia she raised seven children one who died in battle.

Numerous female saints served as Models for both Men and Women I’m the Medieval World.

Catherine of Alexandria was a learned woman who refused to worship paagan idols.

Margaret of York was well renowned for her small but lavish collection of books.

Hildegard of Bergen was a twelfth century mystic who was famous for the visions she wrote down and were eventually published.

Jeanne de Montabason was a Pakistan Book Seller and illuminator.

I give Illuminating Women in the Medieval World was five out of five stars.

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Book Review: Of Rags and Riches Romance Collection

Of Rags and Riches Romance Collection

Nine Stories of Poverty and Opulence During the Gilded Age
by Susanne Dietze, Michelle Griep, Anne Love, Gabrielle Meyer, Natalie Monk, Jennifer Uhlarik, Erica Vetsch, Jaime Jo Wright, Kathleen Y’Barbo

Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Barbour Books
Christian , Romance

Pub Date 01 Jul 2017 

I am voluntarily reviewing Of Rags and Riches through Barbour Publishing Inc, and Netgalley:

In the first story Union Pacific Princess we are introduced to Dara Forsye after the loss of her Mother she, her father and her Uncle as well as her cousin leave Boston where her Uncle becomes a frontier doctor.  Her Mother had joined the abolition movement before the war.  When Smallpox breaks out amongst the Cheyenne, they discover that they had been intentionally infected by the blankets.  

In the Right Pitch we are transported to Philadelphia Pennsylvania, June 1876 where Winifred Myles enjoys playing Baseball with her teammates.  Many find women playing Baseball is a novelty.

A Gift in Secret takes us to 1871 New Orleans Louisiana where we are introduced to Samuel Austin the 3rd.  After the loss of his Father and the buissness and he is forced to decide whether to Marry a Bolen, and they have Thirty days to make the marriage happen or the business will be given to Charity and Miss Bolen will become a charity case.

May Bolen is not sure how this is all going to happen, or whether she wants it too.  Will Samuel and May fall in love and find their happily ever after?  

For Richer and Poorer takes us to 1885 Newark, New Jersey where we meet Marcella Elena Lipski, and Ella.

Ella does not know much of the English Language.  Despite the obstacles she faces will Ella be able to build a new life for herself in America, will she find her happily ever after find out in For Richer Or Poorer.

A House of Secrets takes us to 1890 St Paul, Minnesota where we meet Amanda Carston, who is engaged to Joseph Blake and Maggie.  

Is Amanda really ready to be married?  She needs to prove to her family she can make a name for herself?  Find out in A House of Secrets!

Win, Place, or Show takes us to June 1899 Hudson River Valley, New York where we are introduced to Beryl Valentine.  When an acquaintance of her Father’s.

Soon Beryl finds herself falling from Gardiner Kennedy, but Gardiner is not wealthy and she worries her parents won’t approve will Beryl risk dissapointing them?  Find out in Win, Place or Show!

The Fishermen’s Nymph transports us to Flambeau River, Washington 1899 where we meet Abby and. Charles Farington the third.

Abby Nesling and Charles come from different worlds, despite that can they find love?  Find out in The Fishermen’s Nymph.

The Gardener’s Daughter takes us to Bay View Michigan 1895, where we meet Maggie Abbott where she works as a Front Desk Attendant at the library.  We also meet Wesley and his friend Sam.

Wesley’s friend Sam does not feel that they should be together, but will Wesley be able to prove to Sam just how wrong he is about Maggie?

A Tale of Two Hearts takes us to Little Fall Minnesota 1899 where we meet Elijah Boyer who dreams of racing automobiles.  Will Lucy Taylor fall for Elijah Boyer find out in A Tale of Two Hearts.

Five out of five stars.

Happy Reading!

Book Review:Maya Lin

Maya Lin

Thinking With Her Hands
by Susan Goldman Rubin

Chronicle Books

Children’s Nonfiction , Middle Grade

Pub Date 07 Nov 2017 

I am voluntarily reviewing Maya Lin through Chronicle Books and Netgalley:

As a child Maya did not dream of becoming an artist, but a veternarian.  She and her brother roamed the woods behind there house on Cable Lane in Athens Ohio, where they would sit quietly watching the animals.

Maya Yin Ling was born on October 5,1959, her Father was a Cermatist and her Mother a poet, both of her parents taught at Ohio University.  Her parents had been born in China but escaped to the United States during a Civil War in the 1940’s.  As a child Maya did not think of herself as an Asian American, but as white because she wanted to fit in.  It wasn’t until later that she embraced her Asian Heritage.

Maya had been a child when the Vietnam war broke out.  When planning the Memorial she wanted to o so in a way that created a unity between the nations passed and present.

Maya and her professor were the only one’s in their class that submitted their entries for the Memorial.  The deadline was March.31.1981 she said it took longer to write the statement than design the Memorial.

On the last day of classes Maya got a call from Washington someone from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial fund wanted to talk to her, out of 1,421 entries her design won the contest.  Despite her winning the contest her professor only gave her a B- on the assignment.  After she graduated from Yale Maya moved to Washington DC to become a consultant on the project.

After the success of the Vietnam War Memorial Maya was offered other memorials which she refused Neil 1988 when she was asked to help design the Civil Rights Memorial.

Maya Lin is the story of a remarkable woman who has chosen to make a difference through her art.

Five out of five stars.

Happy Reading!

Book Review: PaintBrush


by Hannah Bucchin

Blaze Publishing

Pub Date 11 Jul 2017

I am voluntarily reviewing PaintBrush through Blaze Publishing and Netgalley:

In this book we are introduced to Josie Sedgewick, and Mitchell Morrison, at one time they were close but not so much anymore.  They live in the Indian PaintBrush Community a commune with colorful characters tucked in the mountains of North Carolina.

Josie and Mitchell both love to read.  In time something deeper than a friendship develops between Josie and Mitchell.  Mitchell’s Mother announces that she has fallen in love and leaving, while Josie’s Sister starts to make bad decisions.

PaintBrush will take you on an unforgettable journey, of love and loss.  

Five out of five stars

Happy Reading!

Book Review: Whispers of the Wind

Whispers of the Wind

Also Includes Bonus Story of The Scent of Magnolia
by Frances Devine

Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Barbour Books

Pub Date 01 Jul 2017

I am voluntarily reviewing Whispers of The Wind through Barbour Publishing, Inc and Netgalley:

This book takes us to 1881 Georgia where we are introduced to Abigail James, she has come to Georgia to become a teacher.  She will be teaching at the Cecilia Quincy School for the Deaf.  The first child she meets is a little blind girl named Lily.  Most of her students are deaf, but they are able to read lips.

Abigail is surprised to learn that sign language is not taught in the school.  When Abigail tries to talk to the head about teaching Sign Language but he refuses.  When the owner of the school discovers the way the director spoke to her he calls him out on it, and explains that they will be teaching Sign on a trial basis.  Even Lily Ann takes to learning Sign Language, but Abigail knows she would benefit from learning Braille.

Doctor Trent, the doctor for the school soon finds himself falling for Miss Abigail James.

The Scent of Magnolia’s follows Whispers in The Wind once again takes us to the Cecilia Quincy School for the Deaf, in February of 1892 Helen Edwards.  Molly Flannigan is her favorite Pupil,but soon  a new student Margaret targets Molly as a bully and Lily Ann.

Will Helen find true love in Molly Flannigan’s father?

Find out in The Scent of Magnolia’s five out of five stars.

Happy Reading!

Book Review:One by One

One by One

Welcoming the Singles in Your Church
by Gina Dalfonzo

Baker Books


Pub Date 20 Jun 2017 

I am reviewing a copy of One by One through Baker Books and Netgalley:

Being Single is now more common than being married in the United States.  There are now more single adults than married adults in the United States.  There is often a stigma and judgement that comes with being a Single Adukt, a Stereotype.  This book reminds us that being Single does not mean we have sinned.

As Christians Men and Women are often told they are not living up to God’s Will if they don’t Marry or have a family.  And we are often taught to believe that being Single is a negative condition.

Some treat singles as if they are Pariah’s.  The author warns us about how false teachings can poison our faith.

I give One by One five out of five stars.

Happy Reading!