It’s In the Little Things She Gives A Tribute

For Sister Ruth

You have from the first moment

You came into my life

Left that impression on my heart

Of the caring soul you are

I know the pain you went through

A Mother to bury her child

Can never be easy

And to this day

That pain is evident

But anyone else might have

Found a weakened faith

You found strength

And shared it in all you did.

You are the one

I was not afraid to tell

My story with

Or shed tears

You must have a thousand

Little Momentos
Gifts, Poems


And I have that green pillow

With the white and yellow trim

You made with your own hands

And that silk scarf you gave me

That matched perfectly with one

Of my dresses

But more than that

I have the wisdom of

Your years

And your friendship

It’s hard to believe

You have walked this

Earth for eighty four years

And still you have more enegry than

Someone a quarter your age.

Sister Ruth there are so many things

I can say to you

But right now

Thank you is all I can say

And it does not seem enough.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


6:55 P.M PST

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