It’s More Than A Memory

A Tribute to all Who Have Served

It’s more than a memory to them

This war they served.

She lost a leg

On the streets of Kabul


Traps him in memories of Saigon.

And the Hell he experienced.

Loud noises are the worst

Taking him back to those days.

She fought her country with pride

Volunteered for service

Not forced in

Like so many tried to convince

And she would do it again

In a minute

Because she values her service.

He was drafted all those years ago

But never burned that card

Like so many did.

He was called to duty.

To fight a war on foreign land

And Lord willing to save lives

Although he had to take a few

That hurt more than the bullets flying by.

They fought for this country

With the pride of


One with generations

Behind her

The other one

A first generation Soldier.

But they fought with a sense of

Pride and dignity.

(C) Michelle R Kidwell


11:51 A.M PST

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