I Won’t Stand For It Anymore I Have Closed that Door

Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough…

I won’t stand for it anymore

I have closed that door.

I am done with the name calling

The childish games you play

And you tell me I am the one that’s childish

While you make fun of the fact I use a cane

Or dis my clothes

What I do.

Well honey last time I checked

You are not all that

And I am through with

These childish games

And yet I am the one you say

Needs to grow up

While you go around

Spreading rumors and lies

And telling everyone its the truth.

Well those who know me

Know me well

And those games really

Aren’t all that swell.

I hate to tell you this but your

The one acting childish

Having a fit every time someone calls you


Expecting everyone to cater to you

But God forbid someone should

Expect something in return for that friendship.

I have closed that door

I am through

And truth be told

I am relieved

That this weight is off my shoulders,

And remember it was you who

Pulled the things you pulled so before

You even thinking of coming back

You better think of the things you said

Because I am so through.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


9:53 P.M PST

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