I’ll Stand Tall Until I Cannot Stand At All

Living with a disability becomes a lifelong lesson in not taking the little things for granted…

It’s easy this day and age to loose sight of the things that really matter.  We get wrapped up in the little things, but we take those little things for granted.  I think for myself at least it is time that I take time and look at the things that really matter, and appreciate the little gifts in life, because in many ways they are the greatest gifts we can be given.

Living with a disability becomes a lifelong lesson in not taking the little things for granted,  I know that the things I may be able to do today, I may not be able to do tomorrow, so as one of my favorite quotes says:

“I am only one, but still I am one. I can not do everything but still I can do something.” Edward Everest Hale in a Speech he gave about his Cousin Helen Keller.

I do not take the things for granted, but neither do I allow myself to dwell in the valley of self pity.  I have to much life to live so that really is not an option for me.  I have kids who need me, and friends who are my strength when I am weak, and I try to be there’s as well.  Yesterday I found myself talking briefly with my friend with MD, she is not one to really talk about herself and what she is going through, but with me, because we both struggle she does open up some and yesterday she admitted that the pain had gotten worse, not that it slows her down, she was still doing what she does, and she still prayed with me over Amber, and my own battle with pain, but both of us are of the school of that if we don’t lose it we are going to use it, and I truly believe it is our faith, and the wonderful support system we have that has allowed us to come this far.

I think having pets has been another advantage in my life my dogs and cats are great company, and Mychael is a great protector.  He has a sweet temperament for the most part, but if he feels he is in danger he will definitely do something about it.  Abby is such a joy too, my friend Fran got her for me a short time after Nonna died, and that helped me through the process of grief.

My niece Amber shows me all the time the importance of appreciating the little things.  I love the fact that I have such a great niece, who can take the time to enjoy the little thing.  I love the sound of her laughter when she plays with my Moms Puppy Marissa!  Or when she gets one of Teddy’s toys and starts playing with Him.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


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