In The Scheme of Things

I know in the scheme of things

When life has you wondering and questioning

God has a way of bringing someone

Into your life

And making you realize

That the one’s that matter

Are going to be the ones there

Even after the fights and arguments

The bitting and snapping

They are going to be the ones

Who call you up

And say hey

Guess what I think

We needed a little fun

Lets go out and just

Have fun

We’re young only once

And we both need to get

Our mind off things

So be ready

Let’s go.

And its those people

Who despite everything

Can look at you

And say

You no we may argue

And fight

Lord knows over

Silly things

And i may snap at you

From time to time

But you are still like

A sister to me

That hasn’t changed.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


2:09 P.M PST

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