Shinning Bright In His Glorious Light

His love shines so bright, that it blinds…

Shining bright

In his glorious light

The darkness of the world

Only temporal

Because one day

We will reunite.

I find hope

Through his light

Blinding full of glory

And grace

I can not even begin

To glorify it in mere words.

I see hope and faith

In the Saviors eyes

My faith shines through

As I look to the cross

And those nail scarred hands

The color of crimson on that cross

Offering hope for all eternity

If only we open up our hearts and souls

To the Savior above

And accept what he did

On that Crimson stained cross.

I find hope

Shinining brighter than any light

And that Hope is My Savior

Jesus Christ.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


11:30 P.M PST

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