Book Review: Healing Damaged Emotions

Healing for Damaged Emotions

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David A. Seamands

David C Cook

David C. Cook

Pub Date   Mar 1 2015

In 1966 David Seamands preached a sermon called “The Holy Spirit and the Healing of Damaged Emotions ”  Some of the damaged emotions include anxiety, inadequacy and inferiority.

In this book David also reminds us that the world is made for forgiveness, it is made for grace.  It is made for the love of life.  He also mentions two causes for emotional problems in Christians 1.)  Failure to receive Forgiveness.   2.)  Failure to Give Forgiveness.

We are reminded too that not only did Jesus Bore our Sins in his body on the cross but he also took on our entire range of emotions. 

Low Self Esteem is another emotional battle and that it paralyzes potential.  Low self esteem also makes it hard to build relationships with other people.  We are reminded too of the importance of taking our self estimate to God. 

Perfectionism is another real emotional issue with some evangelical Christians.  We are also told that the perfectionist needs to be his or her true self in Christ.

David also points out Depression as another emotional problem many Christians face and depression can have many causes some of which are related to Body Chemistry.  And sometimes unforgiveness can lead to depression.

Though First published in 1981 this book is a timely reminder of how fragile our emotions can be.

Five out of five Stars…

Happy Reading

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