Signs of the Times

To Our Lord And Savior I believe the Time is drawing Nigh

In the words of the Lord
In our blessed Holy book
The Bible
We hear that in the end days
There will be wars and rumors of wars
We here of conflict amoungst God’s chosen Land
And now we are facing the reality
With the Conflict in Israeal and Lebanon
I believe it is time we start thinking and speaking
And getting right with the Lord
Because we do not know the hour
Or the day
But I believe the time draws nigh.
We are seeing wars
Famines and earthquakes
Evil Rulers
Control countries
And now I say lets get ready
Let’s be prepared
Because the signs of the times
Point out that the hour is near.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell
11:12 P.M PST

Author’s Comments:
“There will be wars and rumors of wars, and now we are facing that with the crisis in the middle east, with the fight in Lebanon and Israel, and it’s time we get right with the Lord if we aren’t already there…”

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