It’s Music Like That, That Just Takes Me Back

Listening to Bob Seger this came to me…

Bob Seger

Playing on the Stereo

Takes me back

To the days

Of my childhood

When we lived in

That Old Red House

And I would dance

To the music on the radio

Trying to belt out

Old Time Rock and Roll

Like a Rock

Moody Blues

And Jim Croche’s

Bad Bad Leroy Brown

We had so much fun

Singing that


As children

And Mom and Dad would just

Laugh at our antics.

It’s music like that,

That just takes me back

To that old Station Wagon

Full of Kids

And the Oldies

Blasting on the radio

I grew up with songs

Like that

The Beach Boys

And the Beattles

Dad lost a bet

And I got his entire record collection

The year I turned fifteen.

It’s music like that

That just takes me back.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


2:33 PM EST

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