They Are Searching For Answers

A twelve day old

With leg braces

To help keep her legs straight

Her parents wondering

How there little girl can be

Sick like this.

A little boy

Struggles to simple sit up

In that blue wheelchair of his.

A woman maybe a little older than I

In to get her casts on

So her legs will be more straight.

She’s a strong one

And she loves to laugh.

Another woman

Just realizing her worst fears

She’s about to break down

And I have this need to reach out

But for some reason I don’t.

She’s a complete stranger

But we share a common bond.

I want to tell her

That if she gives it to the Lord

He will carry her burden

Instead I offer a smile

Hoping that she knows

I care.

I don’t know her

But I care

About this woman

I have never met

But we share something


And so I bow my head

And silently pray.


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell



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