God Knew


He must have been,

Watching from Heaven above,

Looking down,

Seeing both of us,

Were suffering,

Often felt a lack of love and care,

I often felt sad and bitter,

I am sure you did too,

We were battling our own things,

Situations that brought about Life Changes,

I know sometimes at night,

You must have pound your fists and asked,

God why,

And I am certain you still do,

I know I do.

At first our friendship

Evolved around computer screen conversations,

Soon it was emails, phone calls and snail mails,

That let our friendship,

Our Sisterhood grow,

One summer I made plans,

To visit you,

And the earlier visit fell through,

You fell sick once again,

And I lost my Uncle,

But a month later,

I was on my way,

You had gotten better,

We all prayed you would,

And we had fun,

Like friends like sisters do,

Cried on each other’s shoulders,

Laughed too,

Watched a friendship grow…

Into a sisterhood too…

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell

27, January, 2004

I wrote this as a kind of tribute to my bestest friend and the sister of my heart Melissa Williams…


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