It Happened One Dark Night

The night was dark almost sinister, like something evil lurked in it.  I had to remind myself that good prevailed evil, but something just felt wrong about this night.  I have no idea how to explain it.  All I could say it was as if the Lord was trying to warn us that evil was invading this place our lives,

We were a typical middle class family, lived in Suburbia a place where bad things were not supposed to happen, but sometimes they did.  Somehow even at that moment I knew something was not right, and I needed to pray.

I had come to Christ just weeks before and this was going to be a test.  Maybe it was just the good Lord wanting to test me.  I was not going to let Satan have a foothold on my life.  I needed to get through this, and I was going to make it.  

I heard footsteps, footsteps that were not welcomed.  I have no idea how I did not know they were welcomed I simply knew, and I found myself shaking in fear, as I prayed for the strength to face this, whatever it was.

I must have blacked out, because the next thing I remember is shivering in our own basement, wondering what was happening.  Wondering if my family were going to be okay, but all I could do was pray, that everyone was okay, although the truth was I had no idea





The fear in the air was so real I could taste it.  I mean thick and real, I felt sick to my stomach.  I had never felt anything like this before.

Footsteps were growing closer, and closer strange footsteps.  Someone wearing heavy boots.

Lord this can’t really be happening, it’s a nightmare, maybe I have watched one to many Steven King Movies, or an episode to many of NCIS.

To bad Ziva wasn’t around to save the day, of course she was only a fictional character.  But you aren’t exactly thinking straight when someone is trying to break into your house and do God knows what.

I hear the glass on the back sliding glass door break,  Right now I hate that door, but until that moment I had always loved it.  It gave us a clear look into the beautiful back yard, but all I could see now was darkness out their, and hear the sound of strange footsteps.

Don’t let whoever this is kill my family.  I need to get out of the basement and protect them, but how can I protect them if he kills me first.

Lord give me the strength I need to endure, give me the courage.  I certainly can not find this courage on my own.

I hear my little brother crying, Lord let him not hurt Zachary, he’s only three, what kind of monster hurts a three year old?

A few seconds later it’s Cassie’s cries I hear.  She’s only five, just started kindergarten, trying to be a big girl now.  I find the courage to get out of my hiding place and help my family.  No one is going to hurt my family, I am not going to let that happen.  I won’t go down without a fight.     To Be Continued…                    

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


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