Prisoner of Hellish Dreams

He awakens,

Cold sweat,


The memories,

Invading his dreams,

Once more,

Like the enemy,

Invading Saigon.


He was young,

When he left

A boy really

With a gun.

This was no childhood game though,

It was the reality of war

that sank in deeper,

As he watched buddies fall.

In Nam death was all to real.



He came home

In one piece

Or did he?

Years later

This grown man,

is savaged,

By late night dreams

Leaving him feeling

Helpless and vulnerable

Once more.


He laughs

When he hears them

Call him,

” One of the lucky one’s.”

They say he has a roof over his head,

And it’s true he does,

But so do prisoners in a penitary,

And he’s a prisoner of hellish dreams,

Brought on by war.


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell




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