The Healing Effect Of Children


It’s good to spend time with children. It makes you realize the things that really matter in life, the little things, and you find yourself thinking less of the often stressful issues you face in life, and you focus on the child and their laughter. Right now I find myself babysitting my cousins almost three year old daughter, and watching the Fox and the Hound 2 for the second time. 

I think everyone who wants to relieve stress should spend a time with children and some of the cartoons they watch or other programs. Today I find myself versed in the education programs on PBS and I must say they have come far from when I was a child, though I saw some of the classics from when I was a kid as well such as Sesame Street, and Reading Rainbow. I must say I am pleasantly surprised at some of the programs play. 

Of course we have done more than just watch television today, we have colored played games and read stories. 

I believe spending time with a child can have a healing factor, I mean in a spiritual and emotional sense, they can lighten even the darkest of days. I like to keep a positive attitude in life, and I attribute that to my faith, but that does not mean I am immune to the pressures of life, but I have discovered that spending time with my cousins daughter seems to melt all that away. 

I am blessed to have these children in my life, the children who I work with at my church and the children who have been a part of my life since their birth. I have no children of my own yet, but I believe the time I spend with my friends and family members children will help prepare me for when I have children, if the Lord should see fit to bless me with children.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell



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