The Grieving Heart

We have all felt grief, all felt pain, but what exactly does it mean to grieve.  Well the answer is different for everyone, but grieving is physical as well as emotional, we physically ache, we feel that pressure in our chest, and that lump in our throat, sometimes the tears come on unexpectedly, and the pain feels go great, but I have some good news in the midst of your grief, you have someone you can turn to, you can turn to the Lord. 

Job faced grief and in the midst of that grief he did not turn his back on the Lord, instead he turned to the Lord, and that is what I do in the midst of loosing my best friend the sister of my heart.  She was in her thirties so young, but the Lord saw she was in pain, and said now its time for you to go home.  I am comforted in the fact that she is with the Lord now, but we still miss her, we still think of her often, a piece of our heart is missing with her gone, but one day we will meet again, in the meantime she is with the Lord and free of pain, she does not have to face the pain of her kidneys rejected, and once again she is whole, no longer does she have to worry about prosthesis. 

She is gone, but she is not forgotten, and the memories help with the greving heart… 

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell 



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