Before She Was Gone

Before she was gone,

We chatted for hours,

About nothing in particular,

Just liked hearing,

The sound of each other’s voices,

Grandaughter and Grandmother,

We were united.

She shared with me,

Her love for books,

For poetry,

For Italian cooking,

For music,

I could never sing,

But hearing her,

Was a beautiful thing,

Was it only last January,

When the contracts for my first book came in,

And we danced around the living room together,

She didn’t care that she was eighty eight at the time,

She just wanted to celebrate with me,

Now less than a year later,

She is gone,

A second book soon to come out,

But no dancing around the living room,

In each others arms,

Grandmother and Grandaughter,



But I imagine,

When the book comes out,

She’ll be smiling from the windows of heaven,

Still I find things so different,

From Before she was gone…


In Memory of Ethel ( Adelina) Barbara Verbeck


Gone but never forgotten…Her Memory lives on


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