When the Words Won’t Come

When you don’t know

What to say

And the words won’t come

And you find yourself

Standing side by side

With someone you have

Admired for a long time

Someone who has inspired you

In ways words can’t describe.

When your best friend

Stand side by side with this person

Feel a friendly embrace

When your best friend

Tells the person

You have only dreamt about meeting

That you are about to faint

And the gesure is a kindly pat on the back

And a friendly hug,

When you find yourself

Surrounded by not one person

You have really admired

But two and all that comes out is

Uh, Uh, Uh,

And you wonder why all of

The sudden you have lost the ability to speak

Intelligent conversation

Then maybe,

Just maybe you were star struck….


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


Happy to say I didn’t faint LOL!!!


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