Be Bold In Your Witness

Be Bold In Your Witness. 


The Lord has been speaking to me through actions through feelings, through words,

As I sit here reading Janet Perez Eckles book he is speaking to me, and as I let the lyrics of Steven Curtis Chapmans song Live Out Loud fill the room, the Lord is remidning me that I need to be a stronger witness to the Lord.

Last Sunday we heard the story of a young man who was saved in the nick of time, because a woman witnessed to him.
Five hours of giving his heart to Jesus he was dead in body, but not dead in Christ.

The Lord says to me be bold in your witness.

The world may not agree with you, but you are not of the world I am reminded.

I feel this need to draw others to Christ, to share the love of the Lord with those who are lost in the sin.

That is why I put words to paper, that is why I read and study the way I do.

The Lord speaks to me

Be Bold In Your Witness.

Copyright Michelle Kidwell



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