The Legacies She Left Me

In the last couple of years I have lost several friends, and my soul sister, but I want to reflect now on the memory of my precious Nonna who died in the winter of 03, but the Lord saw us through the loss, and I have the memories that help me through those tough times, like the way she and I used to listen to Jo Dee Messina together, in fact some of the few videos we watched together were those of Jodee Messina. 

It’s funny how some song bring about memories like the way Nonna and I danced around the living room when I signed the first contract for my book, or the way we’d sing to Jo Dee Messina on the radio, as soon as you found out that she was half Italian and grew up not far from you, you instantly loved her, and we shared a passion for her music, somehow the gaps in our generation did not seem to come and play when a song by Jo Dee Messina was on, but then again I always thought of Nonna as a young soul with a huge faith, she was catholic all her life, but she had the Saving knowlege of Christ and as I held her hands in the last moment of her life, I felt a sense of peace, Nonna was with Jesus.

The little memories, memories that only last for moments sometimes are meant to carry us through a lifetime, so let’s not to forget to cherish the little memories…

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


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