Inner Strength

Some people God brings in our lives to humble us…

Something about you, 
And the quiet strengh you have, 
That makes me stop, 
And think, 
About how to live my life. 
You apologize for your voice, 
Soft and weak, 
Sometimes hard to understand, 
The monster M.S has stripped, 
That from you as well, 
As well as your legs, 
Now your electric scooter takes you everywhere, 
It’s slowly takne your arms, 
Yet somewhere inside you, 
You find that strength, 
To get through your day, 
Offering a smile, 
And a hello, 
Telling everyone you are okay, 
No matter how true , 
Or untrue that maybe. 

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell 


One thought on “Inner Strength

  1. Hodgepodge 4 the Soul™ says:

    Probably not until we get to Heaven will a Jesus-lover-blogger fully understand and know how much the Lord used her to touch so many…

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