Lessons In Inspiration

I’ll never forget, 
The time we spent together, 
Watching our bond of friendship, 
(of sisterhood) 
We spent hours, 
As you tried to teach me, 
The Makarana, 
I never got the hang of it, 
BUt had fun anyway. 
We laughed together, 
Watching shows like golden girls, 
And cried together, 
Clinging to one another, 
As we shared sadder moments. 
We stood outsidre, 
Posing for pictures, 
And I learned from you, 
Powerful lessons, 
On friendship, 
On not giving up, 
The way you live your life, 
Not letting your differences 
Get you down, 
Was a witness to me. 
I learned from you, 
The meaning of friendship, of sisterhood. 

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell 

Written for Melissa, best(est) friend and sister of my heart… the friendship moments we share are priceless…

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