She Could Have Been There

She cried knowing that if she had gone in she would be just across the street…

It’s been almost two years now, 
And as she closes her eyes, 
She can still see her life, 
Collapsing with thosee towers, 
As New York Skies, 
Were darkened that horrible, 
She didn’t go into work, 
That Tuesday Morning, 
She’d been battling a cold, 
And her six year old, 
Had spent Monday, 
Home sick. 
She watched those towers fall, 
With much of the world, 
On the blaring television screen, 
And she cried, 
Knowing that if she had gone in, 
She would have been, 
Just across the street. 
Her best friend, 
Worked on the ninety sixth floor, 
Of the first tower, 
And deep down, 
She knew, 
Short of a miracle, 
Gayle wouldn’t get out. 

Fictional Written June.12.2003


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