Book Review: Taken


by Henderson, Dee

Bethany House

Bethany House Publishers

ChristianMystery & Thrillers


Matthew Dane is a retired cop turned Private Investigator as well as a Father to a college aged daughter.  His wife died young.  His daughter Becky had been resced from a kidnapper when she was sixteen and for a long time afterwords she was shy, angry even suicidal.  A Young woman comes up to him at a convention telling him that she was a missing girl named Shannon Bliss who went missing a long with her car at the age of sixteen and now she wants to go home.  She assures them that she is the missing girl and that she did not run away from home, after running her fingerprints Matthew is assured she is who she says she is.

Matthew Dane is giveb Shannon’s diary to read in which she wrote during her years of capacity. Reading this journal he gets to know Shannon better and understand more of the Hell she endured in her years of capacity. And he soon develops a deepening friendship for her, and encourages her to allow herself to heal. 

I have been a Dee Henderson fan for years and she has not dissapointed me in Taken.  So if you are a fan of Inspirational Fiction that has both Intrigue as well as Romance then you are in for a treat when you read taken.

Five out of five stars for a wonderful book.

Happy Reading Friends….

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