Book Review: A Miracle of Five Minutes

A Miracle of Five Minutes

by Abingdon

Abingdon Press

Abingdon Press

Biographies & MemoirsChristian

Pub Date May 19, 2015 

Bishop Kim Sundo was born in Suncheon County-North Pyung -Ann County.  Bishop Kim grew up with Devout Christian parents who embraced there Christianity.

In 1948 Kim Sundo entered Shiniuji medical school and in 1954 he went to the Methodist Theological University.  In the midst of all of this the Korean War on June.25.1950.  Amidst the horrors of the Korean War on January.04.1951 Kim Sundo was reborn in Christ.  A Few years later he marries.

This book Chronicles Kim Sundo’s Faith as well as his career.  He came to faith at a time when his country was at war and violence and death were rampant and he held srong in that faith.

If you are looking for a good inspirational biography then I reccomend Kim Sundo’s Miracle of Five Minutes.

Happy Reading…

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