Rainbow Chaser (Fiction)

” Mommy, Mommy their’s a rainbow!” The three year old pointed a chubby little finger to the sky, then quickly tucked it into her pocket, remebering her Mommy couldn’t see. 

” When I was a little girl I use to look for rainbows too. I’d take a glass outside and try to capture all the colors. ” 

” Did you Mommy? ” The three year old asked spellbound by the fact that her Mommy had once been a little girl, and had once looked for rainbows. 

” No. ” Saundra said a bit sadly. 

” Mommy the rainbow is real pretty and it has lots of colors. ” 

” Tell me the colors will you Angel? ” 

There’s purple and red, and blue, and pink. Pink just like the dress Grandma got me for Church Mommy, it’s real pretty. ” 

” Mommy why are your eyes broken? ” 

Saundra let out a soft little laugh at the way Angel described her blindness. No one had told her her eyes were broken before. They had always told her she was blind. She liked her daughters expalanation though, because that is exactly how she felt as if her eyes were broken and they were. 

” Before you were born Mommy was in an accident, and my head got hit real hard, then my eyes stopped working. ” Saundra tried to explain in away Angel could understand. 

” I’m sorry Mamma. ” Angel said patting her Mothers cheek. ” 


Six year old Angel stood in the rain, getting soaked but no one could convince her to come in the house where a warm fire was going and a Veggie Tales movie was playing. Everytime it rained she was outside, wiating for the rain to stop and a rainbow to appear. She still remembered how her Mom had once told her how she had once tried to capture a rainbow in a glass, and wasn’t able too. Angel was determined to try for herself though. 

When she got the first glimpse of a rainbow she would call her Mom out, and they would sit there together, Angel acting as her Mother’s eyes telling her all she saw. 

” Mommy their’s a lot of Purple in this rainbow, like the jacket you got me for Christmas, It’s beautiful Mommy, God painted this for us right? ” 

” Yes Angel he did, he painted it for us. ” 

” Mommy I love God it was nice of him to paint us rainbows. ” 

” I love God too Angel, and it was very nice of him to paint us rainbows. ” 

” Mommy I love you. ” 

” I love you too Angel. ” 

” Mommy are you sad because you can’t see rainbows anymore? ” 

” No sweetheart I am sad because I have never got to see you. ” 

” I’m sorry Mommy I wish I could make you see again. I will ask Jesus when I say my prayers tonight okay Mommy? ” 

‘ It’s not your fault Sweetie and thank you. ” 


Angel sat at her desk in her room, school books open, but she was foccussed more on the letter she was writing for her Mother, later she would read it to her. Many thirteen year olds might think this was corny or dorky, but Angel didn’t care what they thought. Her Mom was a very special Women and deserved to be told so. 

Dear Mama 

You taught me to chase rainbows, and bring them back to you with words. you taught me to dream big and let nothing stand in my way. you taught me patience and understanding, you taught me how NOT to let limitationgs get in the way of family, friends, faith, or sucess in life. You don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself because you are blind Mama instead you live life to it’s fullest and focus on what you can do. 
Love Angel 

Saundra cried tears of joy as Angel read the letter to her. 

(C) Tues. Nov.19.02 
Michelle Renee Kidwell 


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