There Are So Many Things to Understand

There are so many things I don’t understand, 

And when a friends hurting, 

I hit my knee’s, 

And ask God to help me understand, 

Why pain exists, 

Why so much sickness surrounds us, 

Why friends have to hurt. 

I know we are weak, 

And he is strong, 

But does that weakness, 

Have to equal out to pain and disease. 

I don’t understand it, 

But it hurts more when someone else, 

Is suffering, 

When you hear of a friend’s pain, 

Then whhen you are hurting yourself, 

Maybe that’s why the Lord blessed us with friends, 

Because they carry that pain with them, 

And lift us up in prayer. 

Written for Melissa and Fran my Best Friends, and Sisters of the Heart


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