Confessions of a Christian

I originally blogged this Dec.06.2007

I  have a confession to make, I am a Christian, but I am not perfect, I often stumble and fall, I say things I wish I could take back from time to time, and I do not always wake up with praise on my lips though I am working on that. I do not spend enough time reading my Bible though I am happy to say I read it daily, our Pastor was talking at church the other day, and he said only about ten percent of Christians actually read there Bible, I could not imagine not picking up my Bible, not reading it, my Bibles are marked with notes and dates, and prayer requests, because when I first became a Christian a Pastor gave me great advise, find a Bible you are comfortable highlighting, and marking in, and if you are not comfortable doing that with the one you have invest in a new one. I took that advise to heart and it works for me.

I was blessed to become a Christian when I was still young, I was only eighteen, I grew up in the Mormon church but from a young age I felt something was not right and so in my senior year of high school I moved back to my hometown, and started hanging out with a wonderful Christian group of friends, and I gave my heart to the Lord as a result of that. I am not saying I have had the perfect walk, because I have often stumbled and fell but the Lord was always there helping me back on the path.


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