Farewell Sister Of My Heart

Dear Melissa:

It is hard to believe that you are gone, I mean really gone.  You were such a strong woman, but your pain was great, and the Lord saw it was your time to come home.  You suffered so much, we know that, and now you are free of pain, but still we grieve for you, we grieve from the very depths of our souls.

Cody will grow up without a Mother, and I know that hurts him, but you will be watching him from Heaven, guiding him, and I know he carries you with him in many ways.

Mimmi I will miss dancing the Makerana with you, spending three hours talking on the phone, taking a bus across country just to spend time with you and Cody and Dale, as well as your Mom, you treated me like family, and really that was what we were.  We use to say we were sisters with different Mothers and earthly fathers, but we were both Christians, we both had the same Heavenly Father.

I know you are with him now my friend, your body once again whole, you don’t have to worry about prosthetic legs, or failling Kidneys, but that is not how you died, you died of a massive stroke.  When they tested you had no brain activity, and Dale knew that was not how you wanted to live, he and your parents made the hardest decision of there life, they had to pull the plug, we all know that was what you wanted, you did not want to live in a vegative state, and I really could not blame you, I wouldn’t either.

You died on the ninth of February, but I found out today, something told me to pick up the phone and call, I expected to hear from you, and instead I heard the devestating news you were gone, but in spirit you are with us.

Dale was telling me how much I meant to you, and you meant the world to me too, we had a bond that was deeper than friendship, for all purposes you were the sister I never had, sometimes people even said we looked alike I took that as a compliment.

You were never one to dwell on the negative things that happened in your life, sure we spent time crying together, but you were so full of life, so full of love that you could not sit around feeling sorry for yourself, you cherished each day you had, and from you I learned to do the same.

I am not going to say good bye because that is so permanet, when my time on this earth is over, I know I will meet you again in Heaven, and together, we will gather around the Lord’s feet, and our pains, our aches, will all be gone.

In the meantime I am keeping in touch with your family, Dale, your Mom, Step Dad, and Cody, becuase I know that is what you would want.

Farewell bestest friend

You are missed!

In Memory of Melissa Williams






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