Kevin’s Last Call (Fiction)

He wasn’t supposed to be called in that day, but when he became a firefighter he knew there were really no guarrantees on what days he would get off. His Daughter Isabella was turning ten and he wanted to be with her, he wanted to help her cut the cake and blow out the candles, in three years she would be a teenager, and she may not want to be around her Daddy as much.

The fire was believed to be arson, Kevin had experience with arson fires, but this one came at him fast. He did not know if they were going to put this fire out, but they had to try, suddenly he heard the cry of a child in the complex, and went in, wearing over a hundred pounds of gear, but when he had heard that childs cry, he knew he had to go in, he kept picturing Isabella and if his place was on fire, he would want someone to do the same for Isabella.

The stairs on the inside were begining to crumble, but the childs cry were still coming, quieter but he could hear them. He prayed the child was staying low, that was the best way he could get to the crying child.

The trip seemed to take forever, but he caught the child, and one of his fellow firemen, grabbed the child, while Kevin tried to make his way out the door, but just as he heard the child and his buddy got out with the child who must have been four or five, but Kevin had no time to think of that, the fire was starting to consume him, and he knew there was no way he was going to get out alive.

Lord please keep my family safe, he said, and then he was gone.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell



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