Memories of Mimmi

She would have been thirty seven, thirty seven, and she’s not here. We were Sisters at Heart, we shared a bond that sisters share, but we were not blood sisters, in fact we had only met a few years before she passed away, but always Melissa, Mimmi impacted my life, but it was not only my life she impacted, she impacted so many lives, lives that she did not even realize.

I spent three weeks with her one Summer, three weeks of getting to know each other, but instantly we had that sisterhood bond, some people even saying we looked like sisters. I smiled at that one, still do. She had been through so much , an amputee a kidney transplant, pancreas transplant, and yet she always remained strong, at times I wondered how in the world she managed to be so strong.

There are so many different images of her, her on her knees cleaning up Cheerios in her Sons room, I never saw her feel sorry for herself, never saw her cry out why me, the most upset she was, was when a plate that had belonged to her Father broke, or maybe it was a cup I don’t remember, but it upset her because it had belonged to her Father. 

I have another image of her, her sitting in a rocking chair with my friends Fran son Mikey who was not quite two at the time she was trying to rock Mikey to sleep and instead she was the one who fell asleep while Mikey creeped down and said Shh Mimmi’s sleeping. He had trouble pronouncing Melissa so Mimmi stuck.

One of my favorite images is of My friend Fran, Melissa and I dancing to the Makerena, Melissa on her knees trying to show me how to dance, not an easy task, she told me if she could do it with one leg and only half a foot I could do it with two legs, but I managed to prove her wrong LOL! I never have mastered the Makerena.

I remember too the time Fran and I tried to load the wheelchair in the back of her little blue car, and then tried to latch the trunk, she used the chair when she did not wear her prosthesis, but anyway Fran and I apparently had not got the wheelchair incorrectly because when we started heading down the road, the wheelchair rolled out of the trunk and Dale and Fran, had to go chase it, while we laughed at our own stupidity.

By Michelle R Kidwell




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