We Stand Strong

  I wrote this in my journal the first Friday after the 9/11 attacks…

The cries could be heard around the world, the horrific images everywhere, the heros in every nation of the world, the people of the U.S.A.  Hero’s risking their lives to save those they did not know.  Building that had become world symbols destoryed in an instant, the buildings can be rebuild, but those men and women that perished inside will never again feel the touch of their loved one’s nor will their love one’s feel their touch, the caress of their children!  Husbands will not make love to their wives and wives will not make love to their husbands.  Tables will have seats empty at thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.  Fiances will not get to marry the one’s they loved so deeply.  The American Image, the American people and the people of the world have had their foundation shaken, but what was meant to be a threat of destruction, has become the greatest show of our nations strength, stamina, and the compassion of the American People.  They may have suceeded in killing some of the American people but they will not suceeded in killing the American Spirit, the American Faith. 

This tragedy has bought us all closer, has brought other nations to us.  The Monsters who thought they could destory the American Nation, The American People have found that in the midst of great tragedy, we are strong, and they are witnessing a nation of hero’s, the rich, the poor, the young, the old, the friend and the stranger, are all showing that America is a nation of heros. 

On September 11, 2001 we became a nation under attack, thousands missing, the worlds tallest buildings destoryed in an instant, and many of the people inside perished in the Mass destruction.  Tuesday September 11, 2001 was the day America went into mourning and the world mourned with us. 

In the craziness, most of the world showed a hand of friendship to America.  Enemies for an instant became friends, Parents, and Children grieved over their loss, and strangers became like brothers, sisters,mothers and fathers, to the people that were once nameless and faceless.  Cards, teddy bears, penny drives, Children, tomorrows Mothers and Fathers sending whatever they can to the victims. 

A Nation has gone to prayer.  We have turned our hearts to God, in this horriffic time we are seeing how badly we need the Lord. 

New York City, once known to some as a cold city has proved how wrong they were, we have seen that it’s a city of hero’s, a city of men and women risking their lives to save the people burried in the rubble. 

Now Friday just three days later, we see the support of most of the worlds people, Queens going to Memorial services, presidents rallying for America, the worlds people praying, lighting candles, pope’s and bishops saying special prayers, a statement today by one french woman sums everything up.  “We are all Americans today.”  Even those who live in other parts of the world.  The Prime Minster of Britan saying they are going to help us find those people who have caused such Mass Destruction, the world grieves over the loss not only in New York City, but the Pentagon and the plane that went down in Penyslvania. 

No where in the country is there a place that has not been touched.  Men and Women from all over perished in the blazes, and the rubble. 

As American grieves over the loss of the people and the forever altered skyline of New York we also see that the American people stand strong in the face of tragedy.  We love you America! 

Copyright Sept.14.01 

Michelle R Kidwell 


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