Sister of My Heart (Rewritten and Revised)

A man who has friends must himself be friendly, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:23 

The Lord brought Melissa into my life in his perfect timing, and in a way I never expected to meet the Sister of My Heart, which is what we started calling each other shortly after our friendship began. She was the one I could turn to no matter what, the friend who in a matter ofdays made me feel as if we had known each other our whole lives. I know that was the Lord’s doings too. Sometimes he brings people into our lives that feel as if they have been part of our lives for years even if in reality we had known them for a short time. 

Melissa was an answer to a prayer I had been uttering for a long time, the prayer was for asister, someone I could share my joys and sorrows with, I have a brother and cousins, but there are some things better shared between two females. We were sisters even if the same bloodlines did not flow through our veins. We shared one blood tie though, one that we would often find ourselves clinging to when the times are tough and you feel as if the world is crumbling around you, the blood we shared was the blood of Christ. 

I can’t count the times I cried out to the Lord, and the Lord heard my prayers, especially when it was concerning Melissa, I knew her health was unstable and she often ended up in the hospital, but with all the close calls, and all the ” Dear God not again’s.” She managed to pull through, with the Lord’s help of course. 

The Lord had sent Melissa to me too, to help me through difficult times, I lost my Aunt Linda only a few months after meeting Melissa in that chat room for the disabled, and she was there to comfort me, to reassure me that everything would be okay, that Aunt Linda was in a better place. That is the first time I remember breaking down, letting my emotions show, I was sobbing on the phone, and although it was late and she could not be there in person, she was there for me in the ways that counted. 

A few months later found another friend her one and a half year old son on a greyhound bus, traveling half way across the country to meet the ” Sister of My Heart.” This would be my first real adventure, and the trip itself would be an answer to prayer. I had been praying that the Lord would give me an opportunity to get to know Melissa, and her young son. It also showed me that there was some things I needed to do on my own, and this trip was probably one of those things because bringing my other friend along appeared not to be a good idea. Despite all that I cherished those moments with Melissa, and enjoyed watching our friendship grow even stronger. She made me feel like family despite the trouble with my other friend. 

The greyhound trip did have it’s toll on my already weak body, and I ended up sick and in bed for three weeks when I returned home, but I got to meet Melissa, and I was grateful for that, and I was grateful we had made it safely home. We left for home on September.12 a year and a day after the attacks on America, and to say the least I was apprehensive. The Lord had answered a prayer in that area too, we got home safe and in one piece. I thank God for that. 

The trip was a good idea despite the troubles. I enjoyed the time I spent with Melissa, amazed at her determination, the way she refused to let her disability get the best of her. She was certainly an inspiration, and the uplift I needed. She also introduced me to new foods, boiled peanuts, and banana and mayonnaise sandwiches. Boiled peanuts I learned to love, banana and mayo sandwiches I could barely tolerate. New foods were not what made the visit such a blessing though, it was being near to the Sister of my Heart, her son and her fiance. I truly felt like I belonged, like I was a member of this family. I still look back to those days not so long ago and smile at many of the memories. 

I took pictures while I was visiting Melissa, pictures that I still love to look at today, but I could not take pictures of every moment. I did not get a picture of me losing Monopoly, or Melissa rocking my friends son to sleep the first night we were there and falling asleep herself. I smile remembering the image of her and the little boy in the rocking chair. I am comforted by that memory, comforted by the memories that were built in a three week period of time. 

Being able to take the trip in itself was a blessing in itself, because the month before I had lost my Uncle, who at the time was not yet forty two. I had talked to him the day before he died, and that same month Melissa had been in the hospital, but the Lord had made it where we could go and visit each other and she had stayed out of the hospital for our visit. That was another worry I was afraid that our visit would somehow make Melissa sick again, and I didn’t want that, it tore me up every time I heard that the ” Sister of My Heart” was in the hospital. I hate seeing others suffer especially when it’s those I care about. 

The Lord had brought Melissa into my life, in his perfect timing, and in doing so he had answered the prayer I had long ago prayed. ” Dear Lord bring me a sister, someone I could share my joys and sorrows with, someone I could talk to, in a way that I can not talk to my brother or even my Mother. Lord bring someone into my life who can help me through the hard times.” 

In meeting Melissa the Lord always showed me that I didn’t need to be so shy that the Lord wanted me to see that my voice did matter, and that I didn’t always need to be so silent, but he also showed me there was a time to talk and a time to listen. My friendship with Melissa has showed me when to talk and when to listen, and has showed me that I need to let his love shine through me, and in doing that I can offer the kind of friendships I have been blessed with. I can be the Sister of Heart to Melissa that she has been to me. 

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell 



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