An Enduring Love (Fiction)

 I began writing this in Feb of 2007….

It began with a letter, a letter from a decade ago. 

She looked in the Bible, the Bible her grandmother had given her when she was a little girl, and got the letter out.  She recognized his handwriting immediately.  She would never forget it, she would never have to, he was sleeping in there room after pulling a double shift at the hospital.  He was the best doctor in the world in her opinion and she was married to him.  He had saved her life when all had given up hope.  He continued to save it every time she looked at him.

Karin had heard others ask her if she thought that Gavin worked to much, if she felt he was married to the job, and she could honestly say no.  She admired what he did, the way he saved lives, he was truly a hero in her eyes.

“He saved my life.” She would tell whoever asked her.  “How could I tell him to stop saving other lives?”

Despite his long hours, she knew he loved her, and that she was second in his life only to God, God must always come first, and she knew that, that was what made it work for them.  Despite his hectic work schedule he made it to church on Sundays, and showed up for Bible studies when he was not saving lives.

Karin loved being married to Gavin, and in several weeks she would be bringing a baby into the world.  It was a little girl, she was going to name her Ruth, like from the Old Testament, Ruth was a good person, and her daughter, their daughter would be to.  Karin and Gavin would have a beautiful child.

They’d been trying for eight years, they started trying a year after they were married, two years after she got her first letter from Gavin.

She opened her Bible where the letter was safely tucked in her Bible, she took it out often, thinking about the feelings of love then, feelings that remained ten years later…

This morning Gavin surprised me with another love letter, and Roses, tomorrow is Valentines Day, and he is always doing little romantic things like that around Valentines Day.  He has asked another doctor to fill in for him tomorrow, so Valentines Day is ours together.  I wonder what he has planned for me, but whatever it is I know I will love it.

Gavin is working now, he had a surgery on a little girl this afternoon.  She was in a pretty bad car accident, and they are trying to save her leg, if anyone can do it I know Gavin can.

Last night Gavin and I spent some time talking together.  Making plans for the little girl we are going to bring into the world, thanks to the Lord, our precious little Ruth, who will be here with us in a matter of weeks, I can feel her kicking up a storm now, she is going to kick her way out of the womb if she keeps this up.  Maybe Ruth will be a soccer player.  I played soccer as a child, that seems like a lifetime ago though, before the accident that nearly took my life, and the accident that led me to Gavin.  I never dreamed that I would be thanking God for that accident, but I am because I have Gavin now, the love of my life.

I will continue my story later, but now I need to go have something to eat, I havent eaten since this morning, and I have to make sure to feed myself and my precious little girl.

Gavin is home from work today, as I said he had a doctor fill in for him.  It’s wonderful having him here for me.  Right now he is in the shower, getting ready for us to go out.  I am thankful that we have this time together.  I know my husband is a busy man, and he’s saving lives.  He saved mine, and is my hero, the Lord brought him to me through horrible circumstances, but this man saved me and we fell in love, so depsite what happened I thank God daily for bringing me Gavin.I

The baby kept me up half the night kicking up a storm.  She is quite a kicker, even Gavin agrees he put his hand on my belly feeling our child kick.  After eight years of trying we are having a beautiful baby, and we are so blessed.  In a few weeks we will be welcoming this precious angel into our lives.

Well I don’t hear the water running anymore, so Gavin must be out of the shower and getting ready to go, now it’s my turn to get my shower, so we can leave for a nice Romantic Valentines Day together.  He has already given me Roses, a Teddy Bear, and of course the love letter he gave me yesterday.  I am so blessed.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell



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