Caught In the Lie (Fiction)

They didn’t know what to do…

Their daughter was pulling farther and farther away from them.

Each moment that passed they were loosing more of her.

They heard of occults, but never imagined their daughter would get wrapped up in one.

Cassandra had been raised in church, Micheal and Jamie were sure their daughter had a good head on her shoulders, but somehow she’d slipped away from them.

Lord open Cassandra’s eyes to this man’s evils.  They echoed that prayer all the time, and believed that one day there daughter would see the evil in this mans teaching.

He called himself Matt Mathews, but to them he was the enemy, sucking the very life, the very soul out of their daughter.

She had talked to them at first, told them how happy she was, but even then they were suspicious, how could someone saying they were so happy act so down.

Cassandra told them she had gone to find the God within herself.

A lie straight from hell.

Cassandra remember what we taught you, remember the Lord’s words.  You have to open your eyes daughter, you have to open them to see the evil in this man Matt Matthews, if that’s really his name. 

They couldn’t even be sure of his real name.

All they were sure of was this man was the very embodiment of evil…
He had mesmerized her, charmed her into believing the lies of Matt Matthews Teachings.

Cassandra had learned in Sunday School, and Church that there was only one true God, the God who sent his only son to die for us.

What had made her believe Matt Matthews?

Was it that she was searching for something more, when she already had what she needed.

Jamie had remembered the times she had talked to her daughter just after she had found out about Matt Matthews, all she had told her little girl, how she had tried but failed to convinced her little girl to get out before she got in to deep.

Pictures of what happened in Wacco had flooded through Jamie’s mind a thousand times over, and they flooded through Micheal’s mind.

All they wanted was there daughter whole and complete.

Now they didn’t have their daughter at all.

Matt Matthews and his Find The God Within yourself group had taken off.

Each day they prayed for their daughter, hoping for anything, a letter, anything, but no she had been to wrapped into the lies to even write to them to tell them goodbye.  She had truly believed Matt Matthews would help her find the God within herself.

Lord when is Cassandra going to open her eyes to these lies, and is it to late Lord.  She was raised in a good Christian home what made her want to get wrapped up in something like this?

That was something Jamie or Michael could never understand on their own.  After doing some digging they had discovered their had been thousands of girls like Cassandra being lured away by this mans lies.

What did he do to these girl?

Jamie and Micheal felt sick at all the possiblities that flowed through their heads as that question crossed their mind.

Lord where is Cassandra.

They had echoed this prayer for months since their daughter had got involved in Matt Matthews Occult.

That’s exactly what Matt Matthews was, an Occult later, there was no sugar coating it.

Each night as Jamie and Micheal lay in bed, thoughts of what could be happening to Cassandra played through their head.

Many nights they found themselves dropping to their knee’s beside their bed praying for their daughter, their little girl.

Not to long ago, Cassandra had knelt beside their bed with them and prayed.  They missed those days more than words could say.

Lord get us through this, give us our daughter back, and help us to get through us.

Jamie spent many days and nights trying to find out where Matt and his occult members might be, they needed to find out soon.  If it wasn’t already to late.

Give me strength Lord.  Jamie prayed, I need the strength to get through this, and help me to find out where my daughter is.

As Jamie was praying the phone rang.

Maybe it was Cassandra…She could only pray.

I began writhing this in March of 2005 and plan on actually finishing it someday but other writings that are published required my attention

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


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