I Can Still See You

I can still feel you with me.  It is more than our mirror images, I see you in your daughters smile.

We entered this world together, thirty two years ago, and you left before me.  I still feel as if half of myself is missing, you went down with so many others on that horrible September day.

I pray for you daily, but I think you hear those prayers, I know you made it to Heaven, you were a born again Christian, and it is because of you I gave my heart to the Lord.  It may not have happened when you were alive, but your death in a strange way made me realize that I needed the Lord.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring I learned that the day I lost you, and yet you are still with me in so many important ways, you will always be a part of me.

Your daughter has lived half of her lifetime without her Mother or father I have raised her as I can, but I know there are times she missses you, just as I miss you.

I tell her as much about you as I can, but it is hard, it is hard you not being here, and now five years have past, and the world is once again reminded of that horrible day, but how many can really forget?  I know I can’t, the scars of your loss are with me everyday.  We shared the womb together for nine months and lived on this earth together for twenty six years, and suddenly you are taken from me, murdered by some terroists, but I have to let go of my anger and give it to God, but that is hard, oh so hard.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell

September 10-11 06

Authors Note: This is a fictional story, but it came to me so vividly last nite and tonite

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