Book Review: A Sky Without Stars

 A Sky Without Stars

Quilts of Love Series
by Linda S. Clare

Abingdon Press

Abingdon Fiction
Christian, Literature/Fiction (Adult)

Pub Date Feb 18, 2014 

Frankie is making her Son Harold Junior a quilt to help him learn more about the Lakota ways.  Her Son wants to return to Pine Ridge though to be closer to his Father’s spirit and tries to Hotwire the pick up that belongs to his Mothers new friend.

When Frankie’s Son is accused of stealing a sewing machine at the Indian School without any proof or investigation Frankie finds herself without a job.  Phoenix is not a place Frankie or Harold want to be because it brings them a lot of people who hold a deep prejudice against Indians.

Frankie left Pine Ridge hoping for something different from her Son.  She does not want him to become an alcoholic like his Father and Grandfather were.  

When Frankie’s Son goes missing Nick is the one to help her find him, but she does not understand how he could expect her to follow the white man’s faith with all that has happened to her in life.  Her Son missing, her and her son being accused of being thieves.

A Sky Without Stars is a story of faith, of family and of redemption, but more than that it is a story of overcoming prejudices and stigmas and finding a place in this world.

So come on with me on a journey to 1950’s Arizona, meet Frankie, Harold and Nick.

Five out of five stars.

Happy Reading


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