Book Review: Providence

 Providenceby Lisa Colozza Cocca

F+W/Adams Media

Merit Press


Teens & YA

Becky Miller is on a freight train escaping from an abusive Father and nine brothers and sisters when she comes across a baby on the train.  Having plenty of experience with her brothers and sisters despite being only sixteen but soon she finds herself in a new town with baby in tow being offered a job.  Knowing she is going to need money for diapers and formula she accepts the job offer.  Knowing she has to be careful because she does not want her family finding her.  Finding a place to live with a baby no more than a few days old proves to be more of a problem.

After discovering her difficulties finding a place Rosie, her Boss takes her in and together they bring more life to Rosie’s store Second Hand Rose but Becky still fears getting found out and having Baby Girl taken away as well as having to go back to her abusive Father. 

Providence is more than just a coming of age story it’s a story of friendships of overcoming where you come from to make your place in this world and it’d also a story of loss.

I give this novel five out of five stars…

Happy Reading…


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