Book Review :Whisper


A Lakeview Novel (#2)
by Stacey R. Campbell

Gemelli Press LLC

Green Darner Press
Teens & YA

This book opens in 1914 at Lakeview Academy and then shifts to the year 2012 at the same school.  One group of girls stays at a Dorm that is called the Cambell House where they soon become like sisters accepting each other’s faults and all.  

There seems to be something different about this school though something haunting.

Nearly a century earlier a young girl named Elsie dies when she was around fifteen.  When Halle finds Elsie’s journal she begins taking it everywhere with her.  When Halle reads the journal she learns that one night Elsie burned the library down when she fell asleep one night and bumped over the candles.

Whisper is a novel geared towards young adult who like fictional super natural stories due to strong language I would recommend it for fourteen and up.

I give this novel four out of five stars.

Happy Reading

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