Understanding the Times


Understanding the Times
A Survey of Competing Worldviews

by Jeff Myers
David C Cook
Christian, Religion & Spirituality
Pub Date Sep 1, 2015

In this book Jeff Myers points out that often people get their beliefs the same way we catch a virus by being around others.
We are reminded too that ideas have consequences (good or bad).  We are reminded too that ideas spread like viruses, ( which is how occults can grow so quickly) and hold a grip on those who carry those extremist beliefs. Myers also points out that Christianity offers a narrative of all history.  Myers also pointed out that a major dividing line between Christian and non Christian worldviews is this…What do we do with Jesus?  As is pointed out in Understanding the Times “Either Christians correctly describe reality when they speak of a loving, wise, just, personal, creative God, or they are talking nonsense. The basic tenets of the Bible cannot blend well with the non-Christian claim that we are good enough to save ourselves. We say only one view fits the facts: Christianity. God, Creator of the universe, saw its importance, loved it, loved us, so that he sent his son to redeem it— and us. Clearly, adherents of other worldviews strongly disagree with our conclusion that only Christianity fits the facts.” Myers

Myers reminds us too that the Christian worldviews lies solely on Jesus Christ.  We (as Christians) serve a Personal God.  The Christian story is that of a personal relational God. “The Christian worldview gives meaning to human existence right from the start when God declares, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” (Gen. 1: 26).” Myers.

We are reminded too that “It will never be lawful to be ourselves, until we become like Sons and daughters of God.”

On September 11, 2001 the world became painfully aware of the radical side of Islam when terrorists attacked the United States in the name of the Jihad.

Myers describes Secularism as an atheisic and materialistic worldview that advocates for a society free of religion.  He later reminds us that Secularism is more than a disbelief in God it is a belief in looking at life in a way that does not include God or religion. 

In Chapter Five of Understanding the Times Jeff Myers defines Marksism as this “Marxism: an atheistic and materialistic worldview based on the ideas of Karl Marx that promotes the abolition of private property, public ownership of the means of production (i.e., socialism), and the utopian dream of a future communistic state.”. But we should not be fooled because despite what many believe Marksismcan be considered a worldview.  And many do not see this worldview as dangerous but that too is a mistake. 

Myers describes what Marksism teaches later in Chapter Five “The overarching Marxist narrative culminates in class equality through economic revolution. The exploiters— those who control the means of production (i.e., those who own businesses and employ people) lord it over the exploited (i.e., those who do manual labor, who do not have an ownership stake in their workplaces , or who do work but do not own their workplaces). Overthrowing the exploiters will free the exploited; we’ll all be happier if we are all the same.”

In Chapter Six Myers goes on to define New Spirrituality “New Spirituality: a pantheistic worldview that teaches everything and everyone are connected through divine consciousness.”. In New Spirituality everything is Spiritual and we all are God’s. 

In the chapters to follow Myers goes on to give us a look at Postmodernism, theology, and even Philosophy.  Even Ethics is discussed in this book.  Biology, psychology and Sociology are also discussed.  Law and Politics are addressed as well.  Economics and it’s relationships to the different world views are discussed as well.

The Subject of History and the often opposing worldviews is discussed. 

If you are looking for a book written from a Christian perspective that deals with the often opposing  Worldviews then Understanding the Times by Jeff Myers is just the ticket.

Five out of five stars…

Happy Reading

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