Book Review: Remember the Lilies


Remember the Lilies

by Liz Tolsma

Thomas Nelson–FICTION


Pub Date Feb 3, 2015  

Remember the Lilies will transport you to 1940’s Manilla.    We learn of internment camps in Manilla.  And we learn of some of the horrific conditions of the interment camps.  Irene’s aunt Anita comes down with typhoid fever while her niece is carrying for villagers who are sick.

Irene learned first hand what it was like to go hungry…We learned in the interment camps they survived on rice, beans and a quarter a can of meat a week, therefore death and disease new to malnutrition was high. 

Remember the Lilies is a story of living through the unthinkable, it is the story of loss, but it also a story of overcoming the unthinkable and surviving…

I give this novel five out of five stars…

Happy Reading

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