Book Review: Seeing the Voice of God


Seeing the Voice of God

What God Is Telling You through Dreams and Visions
by Laura Harris Smith


Chosen Books
Christian, Nonfiction (Adult)

Pub Date Jan 7, 2014  

Seeing the Voice of God, reminds us that the Lord uses both our dreams and visions to reach us, so we should not discount them.  We are reminded too that if we wholeheartedly give ourselves to God through his Son,  Jesus Christ we should expect to talk with him daily. 

Smith, points out that even waking dreams are used by God to point us in a certain direction, or to lead us in the way God wants us to go.

The book goes on to describe the different types of prophetic dreams and how the Lord uses them to reach to us.

Not only does this book discuss dreams, but it also highlights the importance of getting the proper amount of sleep, because without that not only are our dreams affected, but our health as well.

If you are looking for a good book on dreams then Seeing the Voice of God is just the ticket.

I give this book five out of five stars.

Happy reading       


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