Book Review: The Tides of Life


The Tides of Life
Learning to Lead and Serve as You Navigate the Currents of Life

by Bill Pollard


Pub Date Apr 30, 2014 

The Tides of Life encourages us to think about what our lives will look like, in five, ten even twenty years from now.  It reminds us to think about what we are doing now because it can and will affect our future, and even how we perceive ourselves.  Tomorrow is not a promise, but if we are given tomorrow?  What will our past look like?

Bill Pollard, reminds us too, not to be to quick to judge, because we may not know or understand what a person is going through.  He reminds us that life is not always a bowl full of cherries, and that even Christians have there troubles, there struggles.

In The Tides of Life we are reminded that even if we are not called into full time ministry we can still live a life for Christ.  We can work on our careers and still be a light for Christ.

I found The Tides of Life, to be both inspiring and encouraging and appropriate for anyone who wishes to find encouragement.  It is appropriate for the young and old a like, and worthy of five out of five stats.

Happy Reading

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