Book Review: Silver Spurs


Silver Spurs

by Miralee Ferrell

David C Cook

David C. Cook

ChristianChildren’s Fiction

Pub Date Jun 1, 2015  

Kate feels left out because her Mother spends so much time caring for her autistic brother.   Soon Kate and her best friend Tori find themselves busy with boarding horses after Kate’s family opens a boarding business.   Unfortunately one of the boarders seems determined to make there job harder than what it is.  Kate discovers there is a reason Melissa acts the way she does though. 

When an old tree ends up falling on a barn and destroying some of the boarding equipment Kate fears her parents will give up but with the  help and kindness of there neighbors they are able to get the work that needs to be done, done and save the horse boarding business.

This book talks about faith,friendship and working together in a way that is great for an eight to twelve year old to understand.

I would recommend this book to Horse Lovers of all ages.

Five out of five stars

Happy Reading


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