Book Review: Curious Faith


Curious Faith

Rediscovering Hope in the God of Possibility

by Logan Wolfram

David C Cook

David C. Cook

ChristianReligion & Spirituality

Pub Date Mar 1, 2016

Curious Faith is about rediscovering hope in the midst of trials and tragedies.

The author talks about the heart wrenching grief of loosing babies.

We are reminded too that the brokenness and devastation of the planet can no more be put in a neat man made box anymore than God can be put into that man made box.

It is important that we remember that we serve a God who can do more than put Band-Aids over wounds.  Wolfman reminds us that we need to start expecting greater things from God.

We are reminded too that a Curious Faith is a mobile one. 

Curious Faith encourages to grow deeper in our faith even during trying times.

This book works well for either individual or a group study.

Five out of five Stars

Happy Reading…


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