Book Review: Invisible for Young Women


Invisible for Young Women

How You Feel Is Not Who You Are

by Jennifer Rothschild

Harvest House Publishers

ChristianTeens & YA

Pub Date Feb 1, 2016

I was given an arc copy of Invisible for Young Women by the publisher and there partnership with Netgalley in  exchange for my honest review:

This book reminds young women that how we feel is not who we are.  We are reminded in this book not to allow ourselves to spend our lives comparing ourselves to others, because no matter how good we are at something we are sure to find a short coming. Most importantly this book reminds us that God loves us despite our short comings.

When we accepted Christ, he accepted us imperfections and all. 

Jenifer Rothschild reminds us that we are to valuable to God to let corrupt thinking confuse who we are.  The reader is reminded too that who we are and what we struggle with are not the same thing. 

When your identity is found in Christ you are never invisible.

This book reminds us too that a self centered focus never leads to contentment.

If we encourage others instead of discouraging them we will be more content.

I recommend this book to young women 13to 18 years old, or for A Young Women’s Bible Study Group.

Five out of five stars

Happy Reading


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