Book Review:Samantha Sanderson Without a Trace


Samantha Sanderson Without a Trace by Robin Caroll

ZonderkidzChildren’s Fiction

Pub Date Feb 2, 2016

I Was Given a Copy of Samantha Sanderson Without a Trace by the publisher and there partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

Samantha Sanderson is looking forward to a Cruise to the Bahamas over Spring break the first vacation she and her parents have had in years her Dad is a detective with the Little Rock police department and her Mom is an award-winning investigating journalist. 
When Samantha’s friend Tam goes missing from the school where he was dropped off at 750 in the morning Samantha worries about her friend and wonders why they are treated it like Tam was a runaway despite evidence to show differently.  Samantha turns to her Father for advice but because he is not on the case he does not know all the details.

When Samantha sees the police aren’t doing as much as she feels they should she and her friend Makala take it upon themselves to hack into Tam’s Facebook account to see if they can come up but that gets her in trouble by the police.

She soon discovers Tam mat b Ave disappeared purposely at first so the children and teachers at their school would come to realize the need for safety awareness classes.  But it seems something may have gone wrong.

Will they discover that Tam staged his disappearance to let his peers see the dangers of risky behavior or would they find out something even more dangerous at play here.

This book is great for Middle great readers it has suspense, and dangerous situations but it also is a book with good Morales and Christian Values.

Five out of five Stars…

Happy Reading


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