Book Review :Escape to Virginia


Escape to Virginia From Nazi Germany to Thalhimer’s Farm by Robert H. Gillette

The History Press


Pub Date Feb 15, 2016

I was given a arc copy of Escape to Virginia From Nazi Germany to Thalmeirs Farm by Robert H Gillette in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

Escape to Virginia From Nazi Germany to Thalmeirs Farm is categorized as Creative History, and is filled with interesting facts as well as black and white photograps.

This book talks about how Jewish Mother’s and Father’s would whisper about what was happening in muffled tones but more often than not Children knew something was going on.

Several Jewish Teenagers were sent to England to have a chance, separating them from their families and all they knew.  Later they would be sent to Gross Bressen where they would learn to farm and take classes. A man named Bondy ran Gross Bressen wanting to give a place for these Jewish Teens a place to learn and grow.

Twenty Five Teenage girls and boys were selected to head to Thalmeirs Farm in 1938, but those who did not make it to Virginia would be captured and taken to Buckenwald Concentration Camp where they would be prisoners.

After a month of Thalmeirs trying to get the students and Bondy released from Buckenwald he succeeds in getting most of the students released, leaving only a few and Bondy at the camp.

Over a years time Thalmeir and his head lawyer worked tirelessly to get each of the students and the staff of Gross Bressen to come to the United States.

I had never heard of Thalmeir or the Hyde farm before reading Escape to Virginia From Nazi Germany but see now that he is one of the Holocaust’s Unsung hero’s.  He was American willing to fight to get these people free and offer them a safe place.

I give this book five out of five stars.

Happy Reading


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