Book Review:The Magician of Aushwitz


The Magician of Auschwitz
by Kathy Kacer

Second Story Press

History, Children’s Nonfiction

Pub Date Sep 5, 2014

I was given a copy of The Magician of Aushwitz through the Publisher and there partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows:

This is actually a picture book about the Holocaust geared towards younger kids.  I was surprised at how well they did on both illustrations and the text.  It is a true story of a young boy named Werner who discovers a magician who brings magic even to the hell of Aushwitz.

Herr Levin was the Magician of Auschwitz fearing that the guards will become displeased in him or tire of him and he knows in a place like Aushwitz that could be a death sentence.

Herr Levin would teach Levin the magic and Levin would survive the camp amazing others by his magic.

Due To The Subject Matter I would reccomend this book be read with  an adult.

Five out of five Stars
Happy Reading…


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