Book Review:To Win Her Favor


To Win Her Favor
by Tamera Alexander

Zondervan Fiction

Christian, Romance

Pub Date May 12, 2015

Set in Tennessee in 1869 To Win Her Favor tells us of Maggie a young woman who happens to be a thoroughbred racer. 

Cullen came to Tennessee from Ireland to look for a better life but shingles with signs like Irish Need Not apply lessen his job opportunities.  He also left to get away from his painful loses that of his wife and young daughter a few years prior. 

Cullen finally finds land to buy but with stipulations the land belongs to Maggie’s Father and he wants Cullen to Marry his daughter.  Maggie’s Father is dying and he wants to make sure his daughter is well cared for the only problem is Cullen wants nothing to do with Thoroughbred racing, and Maggie is a Thoroughbred racer. 

Just when Cullen and Maggie seem to be growing closer together after there marriage Maggie finds out Cullen may be trying to sale her prized horse.

Will Maggie continue to make unfair assumptions about Mccullen or will he find a way To Win Her Favor.

I give this book five out of five Stars

Happy Reading

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